• Lo-Yi Lee

"Coffee House Meditation" series 「咖啡屋裡的冥想」系列 - 1995

(文/ 蕭瓊瑞)

1995 年,「咖啡屋裡的冥想」系列,是另一個風格的轉折。基本上回到多彩的畫面,這些色彩 和具象徵性的造型,容易讓人聯想起米羅的一些超現實世界;毋寧說這樣的作品,都是極為個人 且隱密的。李昆霖似乎也樂於躲在畫室中,如此這般地營構自我的世界,宣洩其生命的囈語。

In 1995, the "Coffee House Meditation" series represents another turning point in Lee Kun-lin's artistic style. This new style reverted back to his original colorful image style, the symbolic shapes of which easily remind us of Miro's surrealistic world. That is, such works are highly personal and secretive. During this period, Lee Kun-lin seemed rather content to retreat to his studio, and happily created a world of his own which reflected the crazy topics in life.

咖啡屋 Coffee House 1995 布上油彩、壓克力彩 Oil and Acrylic on canvas 91X116.5cm

思維中的冥想 Meditation in Thinking 1995 布上壓克力彩 Acrylic on canvas 91X116.5cm

紗帽山記憶 Memory of Shamao Mountain 1995 布上壓克力彩 Acrylic on canvas 91X116.5cm


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